jeff-Dane wall-stand“I definitely feel like the song is edgy and fun in its telling of the story,” Jeff Dane says of “Apple Pie Moonshine,” his first single being released to radio on June 01, 2015. “We wanted to write a song that pushed musical boundaries in country, but also had that classic storytelling component attached to it.” He appears to have done so with Apple Pie, a song with heavy, unconventional country guitar riffs, coupled with a fun, edge of your seat story, in the spirit of Smokey and the Bandit. Meanwhile Dane’s smooth baritone voice has a neo-traditionalist feel and sound that is definitely all country.

Dane’s initial big break in music came when he joined The Lost Trailers, and began touring as the band’s new lead singer, a job that would have him performing in front of crowds as large as 60,000. Seemingly overnight, Dane went from playing in small bars, to performing onstage with a national tour. “I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to sing and tour with The Lost Trailers,” Dane said, adding, “It truly allowed me to learn and grow as an artist and performer.”

In 2015, Dane went out on his own, turning his attention towards his upcoming solo project with producer, Dave Tough. “We work really hard to write music that we would want to hear, and we think others will too. We’ve had so much fun writing songs for the upcoming EP, and I’m hopeful the fans will be receptive to the sound and direction we’re heading.” A sound and direction that is clearly influenced by everything from country, rock, pop and funk. Songs such as “L.A. Love Song,” “Loves Cemetery” and the new single, “Apple Pie Moonshine”, show just how effectively Dane and Tough are merging musical elements from multiple genres. “I grew up listening to a lot of country music, but I was definitely a big fan of rock and pop music as well, and I can’t help but have those influences come through in the songs we write,” Dane admits, adding “I think now is such a great time to be in country music. The styles and rules of country music are changing fast, and fans seem pretty receptive to influences from other genres.” Dane concluded by saying, “At the end of the day a good song is still a good song, and I’m so lucky to be part of trying to make music that really strikes a chord with people.”